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April 23, 2024

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Yoga for Kids in Murfreesboro

Little Yogi Spirits is a fun and interactive class that introduces yoga to kids. It's a great way to let them release some energy and them bring them back into calmness.

Parents usually look to yoga as a form of relaxation. So, if you think your child is a little wound up, doesn’t that sound nice for him, too? Megan Reeves, owner of Little Yogi Spirits, recently started offering classes in Murfreesboro. But, this isn’t your typical yoga class. You’ll hear the kids get loud and see them jump and dance around while incorporating yoga.

Parent/child classes are 30 – 45 minutes long and include Mommy and Me (ages 6 weeks – 2 years; call for price) and ages 2 – 5 years ($10). Children only classes are one hour long and include ages 5 – 8 years ($15) and ages 8 – 12 years ($20).

Each class grows with the child and adds more fun each time. Reeves also offers private classes, birthday parties and classes to children with mental and physical disabilities. Visit her online to see the schedule or to sign up — space is limited for indoor sessions.

Classes take place at Vibe Nutrition (1407 Broad St., Murfreesboro). Outdoor sessions will soon be happening in Murfreesboro’s parks.


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