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October 03, 2022

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YOUR STORY: Casey Roberts

In "Roller Coaster to Parenting," Casey Roberts shares how infertility finally gave way to an amazing blessing.

YOUR STORY: Casey Roberts

Nine years ago this month, we were patiently waiting to be put on the call list. We had been married five years and had been through countless fertility treatments when we decided to open our home to fostering.
    We didn’t get the call until January, but we made it through the classes. That first call was a roller coaster of emotions. We were finally going to be parents to two precious baby girls, four and five months old. Fast forward three months, and we were bringing home a 4-week-old baby boy that had been fighting for his life in the NICU.
    Nine years later and countless court dates, visitations, parent and team meetings, hospital stays, surgeries, doctors appointments, classes, good-byes and emotions that I never knew were even possible, and we have adopted four beautiful babies and are currently fostering a 6-month-old beautiful baby girl that we were able to bring home from the NICU.
    Our journey is unique and full of moments where I didn’t know how we would get through the day. Of course, this is just a tiny piece of our story. 

    The emotional roller coaster to becoming parents has been nothing but amazing, from infertility to five beautiful children who each have a different beginning to life, now bonded in a way I never dreamed would be possible.


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