I am a mother of two. I had my son at 17. I was the pregnant high school girl. No one expected me to excel (except my mom!). I was labeled. Just from that. But you know what? I took my situation, and I learned from it. 

    My son put my life on track, and I used it to make the best of a rather complicated situation. I graduated high school early with a newborn, and I automatically enrolled in college. I met my amazing husband during my freshman year of college. My sophomore year, we had our daughter, and I finished my associates degree.
    “How are you going to finish now with two children?”
    But I know what I want, and I will achieve my goals.
    “It’s too hard to go to college with a baby.”
    I did it anyway, and I will be finishing my bachelor’s degree with two sweet babies! I proved them all wrong. I’m now a junior at MTSU and on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I also have a job, as well as sewing cloth diapers and children’s clothing on the side for a little extra income.
    Don’t let your situation define you. You CAN achieve your goals, no matter what situation you are in. You can do it.
    My children have been that extra push to keep me going when things get tough and I feel like giving up. My children are now 5 years old and 16 months, and I wont give up!
    Mothers are superheroes, and my mother has been my backbone through it all. Thanks, Mom, and to my amazing husband for always believing in me.  



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