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YOUR STORY: Libby Sanders

They had only just bought their home when flooding took it all away. Still, Libby Sanders praises Him through the storms.

YOUR STORY: Libby Sanders

We bought our first home November 8, 2018, and it all got taken away a few months later on February 23, 2019. We lost all of our contents, and are still out of our home as of right now. We are living with relatives until we are able to get back home. The first couple of months we spent throwing everything we own into dumpster trailers, tearing all our carpet up and throwing it out, and then a contractor came and gutted our entire house. After $14,000 later, we only had our gutted home, joists and some of the subfloor replaced along with our back wall and reframed bathroom, and we took off the brick in front. Then our home wasn’t touched for a few months because every contractor that would come through told me they would rather tear it down and just rebuild or one of them told me he just couldn’t do it because it was too much. 

    After a couple months with no luck on a new contractor we got a phone call from a local real estate agent. She wanted to know what way she could help. She made a page for us on Facebook (Extreme Flood Makeover-Sanders Edition) so people could follow along with the progress of our house and also donate materials, labor or anything else if they wanted to. Ronda Philpott, Chad Philpott (both are real estate agents and also Navy veterans) and Chris Browning (the police officer who got us out of our home the night of the flood by driving an army truck down our street) are all working together to get us back home and find other people to help as well. The community is stepping in and trying to get our house back together by Thanksgiving so we can spend the holidays back home. We have been learning a lot from this experience: 1) Always get a home inspection, it doesn’t matter how well you think you know someone. 2) Make sure you have “comprehensive” on your insurance. It is worth the extra $20 a month! 3) Make sure contents are covered on your insurance. 4) Make sure whoever works on your house has references and check them! Look for multiple bids!

    Our community truly does care. We love that people care for our children and want to see us back home and are helping in any way they can. We are learning as we go, and we hope our story helps someone. God has been with us and guiding us every step. We have been listening to “Praise You in the Storm” by Casting Crowns and that song has really summed it up for us and helped us. We believe God has a plan for us and He will continue to guide us through this time. We believe we will have an amazing testimony once this is all behind us. We just have to praise Him through this storm. 


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