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July 19, 2024

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Baby Bits

Yoga for your baby? You bet. Also: explore the ideas of water birthing for your infant's delivery and learn infant CPR, too. Plus - new products!


Yoga for Baby!

As you flex and bend in many different yoga poses, you transform your body into a very relaxed state. So, why not allow your new baby to benefit from some of those techniques, too? At Blooma Nashville Yoga (615-797-8064;, you can nurture your baby while caring for yourself in its BYOBaby (Bring Your Own Baby) Yoga class, available six days a week. “The sweetest mama and baby yoga classes keep Baby at the center of attention throughout the class,” says Jennifer Derryberry Mann, e-RPYT, mama-baby yoga teacher and studio director at Blooma Nashville Yoga, and mom of two. “Our youngest babies in BYOBaby Yoga tend to be about 6 weeks old.” As long as you’re feeling fine at six weeks postpartum, you and Baby can begin BYOBaby Yoga at any time. If you had a Cesarean-section, wait until about eight to 10 weeks postpartum and check with your doctor or midwife. In the class, you’ll learn that there’s more to yoga than just stretching your muscles. “Baby benefits from the mood-boosting hormones you experience from moving your body and mindful breathing,” says Mann. “You and your baby build trust and confidence together.” She adds that Baby also benefits from skin-to-skin contact and healthy touch from you during moments of infant massage, eye contact, your smile and hearing your calm, reassuring voice throughout the class and more. You benefit from those things as well, and also get the chance to connect with other new moms, creating an inviting support system while you go through postpartum. Once Baby learns to crawl and move about, there are other yoga classes to consider. And, if it’s around feeding time, no worries! You’re allowed to nurse or bottle feed at any time in the studio. You’re encouraged to tend to your little one just as you would at home — be comfortable! “We love to see that connection deepening between Mom and Baby,” adds Mann. “The smiles and laughs from your baby light up the room!”

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Experience a Water Birth

Nashville’s newest birthing center, Baby + Co., has added a new service. Moms intent on water birthing can relax in a deep soaker tub with hydrotherapy supporting labor AND birth. Waterbirthing allows your partner to be near by along with the assistance of a certified nurse midwife. Learn more by contacting Baby + Co., (located at 3212 West End Ave., Ste. 100, Nashville). Call 615-933-0176 or visit


Train Up on Infant CPR

Babies are always putting something in their mouths — a hand, a foot, that little piece of something right over there, next thing you know Baby’s choking. What to do? The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial hosts an infant CPR class designed for new and expectant parents on Thursday, Jan. 7 at the hospital’s Childbirth Education Classroom, located at 2221 Murphy Avenue in Nashville from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. for $20. The class provides accident prevention and safety tips, instructions and demonstrations on clearing an infant airway obstruction and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The class does not certify you, it simply gives you the means to help your child in an emergency situation. Call 615-342-5661 or visit

Baby Gear to Love

fea_baby-tumtum Tum Tum: Warm to the Core; $32 This comfy tummy warmer goes on over Baby’s clothing and fits snuggly around his belly to help keep his core temperature warm and comfortable. He’s still free to move about because he’s not bundled up in blankets and thick clothing. Available in three sizes and a variety of colors. NeoTop NeoTop: A Baby Formula Dispenser; $24.95 Forget about Baby’s formula clumping up on the scoop! The NeoTop holds an entire container of formula and evenly dispenses the correct amount for a two-ounce serving with the simple twist of the top. Need more? All you have to do is turn the top again to get another accurate amount of formula dispensed. This gadget reduces the spread of germs from your hands and other things the scoop and formula lid may come in contact with.  

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