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April 25, 2024

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Baby Shower Trends

Baby showers have become an all new thing these days. Traditional baby showers ... please step down.

Now's the time to have some fun … with baby showers. The traditional ones are still in play, but new twists are trending. Here are just a few to consider.

Sip & See

Have a baby shower after baby's born. That way, guests — maybe you, too — can enjoy a bottle of bubbles while oohing and ahhing over your new bundle of joy while he's lying in his crib or bassinet. It's a fun way to introduce him to your besties, too.

Grandparent Showers

That's right. It's a shower for the grandparents. The ones who may take care of your little one more often than anyone else. If you've already received the majority of your baby registry list, this could be no problem. Guests shower the grandparents with gifts that help with the care and play of their new grandchild. Maybe a small book collection, diapers and wipes, toys and more … all that stay at the grandparent's house.

Thoughtful Gifts

Instead of a card, parents now request a book. You sign the book and every time There are some fun ways you can incorporate the request in your shower invitation, too. For instance, some companies offer a little card with a cute poem, like this one from Zazzle.

Dad Rally

It's a shower all about dad! Guests bring everything a dad would need to change a diaper — gas masks included! LOL. It's a fun and comical way for his best buds to shower him and hang out. Get him in on the planning, too. Truly make it all about him.

Miles of Meals

This kind of shower is expected to help the new parents out after they're home with Baby. Guest bring already prepared meals that are frozen to stock your freezer. That way, all you have to do is heat and serve. Other ways include gift cards to local restaurants, too. Great for a quick grab and go.

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