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July 24, 2024

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CasaMagna Marriott, Puerto Vallarta

Plan now for a trip to CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta in Mexico that’ll delight your palate, rejuvenate your spirit and expand your love for nature and exploration.

Stepping out of the car, my mouth drops in awe with the splendor of the resort where I’m about to check in. The open-air lobby allows a cool breeze to brush my skin as I walk up to the counter at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa in Jalisco, Mexico. I dash to my room to throw the bags in and run off to explore all that the resort has to offer — which turns out to be incredibly more than I expected! There’s so much to see and do for kids and adults that will help you make the most of your vacation. With all the offerings available, it’s easy to see why a trip to CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta was at the top of my list. Let me tell you why.


They love to explore nature, see and pet animals, splash in the waves and just have fun. In Puerto Vallarta, they can do just that.

Exploration & Play Time for Kids!

Sea turtles are majestic creatures, and kids are fascinated by them. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever be a part of something so special as the release of baby sea turtles. Since 2002, this resort has been part of a sea turtle protection program, currently featuring the biggest turtle nursery at Puerto Vallarta. From June to December, sea turtles visit their beaches to lay their eggs. Then, marine biologists and trained volunteers carefully collect the eggs and take them to the nursery, which is on the property. Excitement welled in my stomach as I learned that I could be a part of the final release of the season. First, everyone participating had to stand behind the line and scrub their hands in the sand before even touching a turtle. Once you have one in your hand, you’re told to name it for good luck (I named mine Patience). Then, you put it down on the sand and stand very still because one wave could push the little guy back past you and you don’t want to step on him! It’s a thrilling and emotional experience.

Want to get up close with more animals and more hands-on fun? Book your family for Vallarta Adventures’ Las Caletas Beach Hideaway; you can get with the resort’s concierge to help you with this, too. Then, take a short trip down the road to board a catamaran that will take you to a stunning, secluded area with a mountainous backdrop. While you’re on your way to Las Caletas, get with the staff on the boat to sign up for cooking lessons, snorkling, kayaking, clay sculpting and more. Kids ages 4 – 11 years old will absolutely love the Kids Adventure Park. They suit up to zip line their way around the canopy and enjoy animal encounters with tarantulas, monkeys and more at the petting zoo. No foolin’! They’ll come down from the mountain with their faces painted and spirits high. Be sure to take your sunblock!

After all the fun in the sun at Las Caletas, return to the resort to cool off at the kids’ pool; it was designed with them in mind. If they get tired of swimming, they can hop out and take a few steps over to the playground within the walls of the pool area and play … before hopping right back in! Or, just head out to the beach. Indoors, there’s a little arcade near the main lobby for kids to enjoy, too. If you want to check out other activities while the kids play, sign them up for the Kids Club (ages 4 – 12). There are so many things that they get to do like arts and crafts, cooking lessons and more.

Good Eats!

The on-site restaurants offer several flavors to choose from, but kids will mostly enjoy the oversized breakfast buffet at La Estancia or, for picky eaters, try something at Champions Sports Bar (which serves American food). You can also pick up snack foods at the Deli Los Mangos, too.


You, too, can enjoy a very pleasant stay away — far away — from home without the kids. At CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find the friendly staff waiting to guide you to finding what can help rekindle your spirits.


Walk into an out-of-this-world place of relaxation at the resort’s Ohtli Spa. Offerings include massages (of course!), body scrubs, body wraps, couple’s massages, facials and more. But, before you even begin your selected service, enjoy the separate men’s and women’s lounges that have a foot bath to soak your tootsies, plunge pools, therapy baths, steam room and more. You’ll be so relaxed before your treatment … which will set you up for an even better end result! Although I had never had a male masseuse before (Nervous Nancy here!), I went ahead and signed up for the Coco-Lima Effleurage (the resort’s expert at this one is a male), a 50-minute, full-body massage that left me speechless! I was barely able to walk I was so relaxed. Naptime!

Note: You might want to download the 14-page spa services menu beforehand to read up on all the choices so you don’t get stumped when making reservations. Enjoy more relaxation by the pool on the resort grounds. The infinity pool’s edge allows the water to flow over the side to give the illusion that it’s running into the ocean. There’s also a swim-up bar just behind the waterfall. Now, if you’re out at Las Caletas with the kids or you’re on an adult-only trip, you’ll love relaxing at this secluded beach. Upon arrival, hammocks line the beach allowing you to hang right over the rolling waves. There’s also an adult only section of the island!

Play Time for You!

You, too, can have some fun out on the water at the resort. The resort offers kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals right by the pool. It was nice to just check out a kayak and have them take it right down to the water for me. They’re ready to help you out once you return, too. Just plan ahead to reserve one as it is a popular thing to do. They have everything you need, too, to keep you safe.

Oh, the Food

Your taste buds will sing after you’ve had breakfast at La Estancia; there are so many different sections of food to choose from. Be ready for a little indecisiveness — or just come with a completely empty stomach so you can try as much as you can! As for the other restaurants, there’s Las Casitas (seafood), Champions Sports Bar (American) and Mikado (Japanese). You really must enjoy dinner at Mikado because you get more than just good food; you get a delightful show, too. The chef whips everything up right in front of you with quickness and precision. If you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, check out Las Casitas. The outdoor setting with a spectacular view of the sea and mountains makes your mouth water for seafood. Try the Red Snapper — it’s scrumptious! It’s marinated in sweet mango Thai chilli, pan seared and set upon udon noodles and served with ginger tossed vegetables. Yummy! Now that I’ve got your taste buds prickled with attention and your adventurous side begging to get out, go on and make your reservations now!

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