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June 18, 2024

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Cool Pool & Water Toys for Summer ’19

Kids can chill out on hot days with one of these favorite watery finds — a "Stranger Things" yard sprinkler, anyone?!

Ages 6+ | Buzz Bee Toys | $19.97

Kids can have a blast soaking their pals with this fierce air pressure water blaster that shoots up to 40 feet. It features three adjustable nozzles and a battery-operated red dot scope that mounts to the top of the blaster, giving kids precise aim. Watch your backs, Mom and Dad!

Ages 3+ | Pottery Barn Kids | $119

Little ones will have a roaring great time with this huge, inflatable brontosaurus sprinkler measuring 82" tall, 30.5" deep and 113.5" wide. You'll need a pump to inflate the dino, then attach your garden hose to its belly. Kids can enjoy getting wet from the water spraying out of the dino's mouth.

All ages | Cowin | $49.99

Gone are the days of your music playing too far away outside of the pool (and having to turn it up so loud it becomes a nuisance to the neighbors)! Now you and your kids can listen to your favorite tunes in the water while you float and swim. The speaker is 100-percent waterproof — you can dunk it underwater with no worries. The speaker features loud volume with an enhanced bass level courtesy of the 10W subwoofer. Kids will love the LED display on top of the speaker that includes 32 red, green and blue lights with five different color modes that flash with the beat of the music coming through the speaker.

Ages 2+ | Little Tikes | $59.99

Little Tikes' newest water toy for tots allows for some healthy, pint-sized competition. Up to three children can play at a time, each getting his own water shooter. With the spray nozzles, they can spin targets, fill buckets, shoot the bulls-eye targets and try to sink each other's boats. Of course, the biggest giggles come when they just spray one another!

Ages 3+ | BigMouth Inc. | $49.99

Add a splash of magic to your child's summer birthday bash, your family's pool party, backyard barbecue or any other festive occasion. This six-foot unicorn sprays water from its horn much to the delight of children who are in love with these mystical creatures.

Ages 9+ | Intex | $49.99

Who plays with a bull in the pool? YOU CAN! Your next pool party will be an even bigger splash with the Inflat-A-Bull. Count on hours of fun with this inflatable bull-riding toy. Jump onto the bull from the side of the pool or off the diving board then try to stay on while friends and family members do their best to knock you off by way of rocking the outer ring. It simulates riding a mechanical bull, but if you fall off on this steer, it's much more fun!

Child sizes 6, 8, 10 & 12 | Fin Fun | $89.95 – $94.95

Kids love the magic of mermaids, and now they can become one with Fin Fun's limited edition Mermaid Tales. Made of a special premium fabric that stretches in all directions, kids can easily slip into their tails that come in a rainbow of colors and a plethora of patterns. Kids can have fun coordinating their tails with swimwear, sarongs and head wraps to make the most of their mermaid transformations. The Reinforced Tail Tip Technology protects against rips and tears. The monofin secures snugly around the ankles for a smooth swimming experience — it flexes and bends with ease through the water as your child swims. Unlike other monofins that strap to your feet, Fun Fin's design stay securely on the feet but allow for quick removal in or out of the water. Hey, Moms and Dads, they come in adult sizes, too — make it a family affair!

Ages 2 months+ | BigMouth Inc. | $99.99

What did you think a Stranger Things sprinkler would be, a unicorn?! HA! Perfectly timed with the launch of Stranger Things Season 3 on Netflix (on Thursday, July 4), this brand-new sprinkler will certainly draw attention to your yard. The Demogorgon stands at six-and-a-half feet tall and is easy to set up. Simply inflate and attach your standard garden hose. The monster's giant purple body features the flowering head adorned with spiky teeth. Turn on the hose and the water shoots out of the monster's head. In addition to the Demogorgon sprinkler, BigMouth has several other Stranger Things-themed water and pool toys this summer. Discover them HERE.

Ages 1.5+ | Step 2 | $69.99

Step 2 play stations off all kinds consistently come with thumbs-up approval from many parents because of the high-quality the company's products are known for. Your little ones can enjoy a festive tropical-themed experience on your back porch or in your back yard with this water play system where they can pour water over the treetops, thus making it rain into the water basin below. The Rainforest Table boasts spinners, ramps, buckets and a 13-piece set of accessories that includes a tree frog, tropical fish and a toucan. The table's design allows for several children to play together, enjoying a splashing good time.

Ages 6+ | BuzzBeeToys | $11.99

Don't let this water gun's smaller size fool you. The air pressure blaster shoots water up to 42 feet through its high-velocity nozzle. The tank holds 48 ounces of water. Give it a few pumps then fire away!

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