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May 23, 2024

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Screen-Free Room

No screens allowed! Fill your screen-free room with books, magazines, games, craft supplies, toys and all of the OTHER things we love to do in life.

Create a Screen-Free Room or Zone at Home This Summer

A real-life safety net! Create a screen-free room or zone at home for everyone in the family and watch REAL LIFE take over!

Consider it: A screen-free room or zone in your home where no screens are allowed. A technology-free space that encourages your whole family to talk, play and enjoy quality time without any screens. In this space, there will always be someone reading a book, playing a game or listening to music on a record player. A record player, mind you. One family recently did this.
    “Keeping our kids off of social media has been important,” says Adele Collins, a mom of eight. Collins believes that as a society, we have become obsessed with “safety” and are overly cautious about letting children play outside or ride bikes.
“But parents give each of their kids a smartphone which is actually the single greatest source of danger, especially with the potential for predatory adults contacting kids and teenagers on social media,” Collins says. “We have it all backwards.”
If you don’t have the space to designate a room, make it the kitchen table. By encouraging traditional activities over the use of technology, the Collins family have flourished in relationships and quality time spent together. Your family can, too. Here’s what to do:

Create a Screen-Free Room or Zone

Pick a convenient area.
Do you have a place at home to dedicate as a technology free oasis? It could be a room that currently serves another purpose, such as your living room, bedroom or kitchen. If you have an extra room, such as a sun porch or basement recreation area, even better.

Establish rules.
Set guidelines for your tech-free zone. Leave a basket outside of the area for tech to be placed. Let everyone know that this zone is for everything BUT smartphones and the like. If a TV is in the area, cover it with a sheet during tech-free endeavors.

Stock the room/zone with alternative activities.
Decide what kind of activities you want to do when you take your screen sabbaticals. The options are endless, including playing with toys, cards and board games, reading, yoga, scrapbooking or crafts, art, writing and so on. Maybe the kids would like to put on a play. This is where they can concept it. Whether you feel like knitting, meditating or journaling, make your tech-free zone a place to connect with the present, pursue personal or creative projects or just enjoy time with family.


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