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July 19, 2024

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Don’t Freak Out On Your Kids

Ditch the guilt, be more playful and discover lots of other ways to be a better mom.

It’s entirely possible to be the mom you always have wanted to be, but first … no pressure! You’re already a good mama if you’re reading this. Meanwhile, we all mess up from time to time. And we have kids. But we let stress get the better of us. We lose our patience. But we do have good tips to help you get through.

Become Stronger Mentally

β€’ Sleep better & more β€’ Do deep breathing β€’ Walk and exercise β€’ Explore your spirituality β€’ Suppress the urge to yell β€’ Eat less sugar β€’ Be mindful about what you say to yourself in your head and what you say to your kids β€’ Develop a personal passion β€’ Keep a journal β€’ Enjoy the little things in life β€’ Take one thing at a time β€’ Limit recreational partying β€’ Spend more time with friends

Handle Kids Better

β€’ Delight in your kids more + catch them being good β€’ Be creative with boredom (try a creativity jar and pick out things to do) β€’ Give each child a one-to-one 15 minute block each day β€’ Create traditions like Taco Tuesday, Fun Friday, etc. β€’ Choose to NOT let things bother you β€’ Schedule outings just for fun β€’ Schedule screen-free time β€’ Have your kids’ backs at all times β€’ Hug your children daily β€’ Employ humor in your parenting β€’ Don’t freak out on your kids — stay calm β€’ Be your kid’s source for tough talk about drugs, alcohol, girl friends, boy friends and so forth Lots of times a lack of exercise can cause your mood to be down in the dumps. Try something different this month! Bubble Run Saturday, May 19 at The Fairgrounds in Nashville 625 Smith Ave. Nashville Diaper Dash musiccitydoulas/diaperdash Saturday, May 19, Shelby Bottoms Park 1900 Davidson St., Nashville

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Susan Swindell Day, Editor

Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.