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April 25, 2024

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Don’t Let Potty Training Land You in Jail

You’ve worked hard to potty train him & you’re not about to let a car ride mess it up ... are you?

A pregnant mom currently faces jail time because of a potty training emergency … an emergency of which many of us have had to face once or twice before. A potty-training child's unpredictable potty times can get you in trouble if you're not careful. This mom is learning the hard way, too, after she let her son go potty in a parking lot. Disorderly conduct is what she's being cited for, too.

Potty training a child can be one of the most difficult and lengthy tasks a parent must go though. Some kids get it quick while others need a little more time. No hurry, though. The only hurry that might occur is when he’s gotta go and you’re in the car. It never fails. It’s like kids have a button on their bottom that when seated; it’s triggered and set to go off just when you hit the road.

On the Go

Potty training while out and about is just a bump in the road — wait, that might make it worse! But, his training level might  depend upon the age you started to potty train him and at what stage of the training process you’re in. “It’s best to try not to travel with a child just starting to train,” says Lee Anne O’Brien, M.D., of Capstone Pediatrics at Centennial Park. “If the child is physically ready (generally around 24 – 30 months of age), it can be a quick transition from diapers to being trained. If your method of travel allows, one possible solution is traveling with a potty,” she adds.

Keeping a portable potty seat in the car could be a good idea, it’s just finding the spot on the side of the road to pull over when there’s not a building or parking lot in sight to utilize. If this is a potty emergency, be sure to get off the interstate at an exit to make sure it’s safe to pull over. This really works well for parents of SUVs best. There’s usually room in the back. However, sometimes getting a child to be comfortable in this situation can be tough. Boys, however, might not have a problem at all.

When it came to potty training their son, local mom Selanie Hassell says her husband helped a lot. “He took our son outside to pee, went with him to potty when we were out, pulled off the road when he had to go right then and was patient with him,” she adds.

Preventing Accidents Away from Home

You’re off the road now and at your destination … which is NOT home. You’re still concerned about accidents, especially during the night. One good idea is to go ahead and protect his sleep spot just in case. “The Good Night pads with adhesive on the back work wonders,” says local mom Christy Veal. “We have also used adult disposable bed pads. They don’t have adhesive but are larger and less expensive. I’ve also heard of someone using a plastic table cloth to protect a mattress in a pinch,” adds Veal.

In the end, just remember to allow yourself to be patient with your child. Don’t show any frustration in having to delay your trip because he’s gotta go — that could really backfire on you. Show encouragement and he’ll be happy to try to hold it so he doesn’t have an accident. If you can’t pull over immediately, keep an upbeat and happy tune as you tell him to hang on a minute so you can get off the interstate.

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