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April 24, 2024

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Fun Baby Shower Games

There's never a dull moment at a baby shower, especially if games are involved!

By Pam Molnar

Don’t just have a baby shower — have a fun one! Let laughter and joy flow with a few, silly games:

Famous Parents
As guests arrive, place a sticker on their back naming one half of a famous couple with children. The guests need to figure out who they are by asking each other questions and then go find their mate.

Find the Binky
Fill a diaper bag with items you’d expect to find inside (and maybe a few things you wouldn’t!) like bottles, wipes, a diaper pad, jar food, blankets, etc. Hide a pacifier deep inside the bag. Challenge guests to find the pacifier the fastest while coaxing the other guests to wail like a baby. Fastest one wins! When the game is over, give the contents of the bag to the new mom.

Don’t Stick Baby!
Purchase cloth diapers, diaper pins, and pink or blue round balloons. Blow up the balloons and add baby faces with markers. Test the diapering skills of your guests by asking them to put a diaper on the “baby” — without sticking it and popping the balloon. This is harder than it looks.

Don’t Break Your Water
This outdoor game is for casual parties! Fill several water balloons and have your guests compete in a relay race, carrying water balloons between their knees and walking quickly from point A to point B without breaking your water. Team with the most filled water balloons wins!

Don’t Say Baby
Use ribbon and small baby pacifier charms to make necklaces. As guests arrive, give them a necklace and explain that the purpose of the game is to collect the most necklaces. Tell them they can’t say the word “baby,” or whoever hears them say it can take their necklace away. Let the game continue to the end of the shower! Order a pack of 100 multi-colored pacifier charms on Amazon for $7.50.

Baby Food Taste Test
Blind fold your guests and have them try a baby food. The one that correctly guesses the most baby food items wins! This hilarious game keeps everyone laughing.

— Pam Molnar

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