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April 15, 2024

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Great Ideas for Strengthening Family Bonds

Real, meaningful family relationship comes from spending time together face-to-face and phone-to-phone. We've got great ideas for making that happen!

Many families run themselves ragged and strengthening family bonds is hard. We have tips to bring your crew together in a more mindful way.

Strengthening Family Bonds

• Sunday Dinner: It may be impossible for everyone to eat together every night of the week. Aim to make Sunday nights a family tradition. Six p.m. Everyone. Be there.

• Group text message with everyone on it: This way you can share news during the day, pictures, updates.

• Passing down special items to your children: When the timing is right, passing down family heirlooms is a great way to sync family bonds. The gorgeous pearls that once belonged to your mother can go to your daughter on her wedding day.

• Build photo albums for your kids: This is an ongoing life project.  Keep a box for each child and make this a long-term endeavor that you deliver on one day.

• Know the “house rules”: When everyone in the family is clear on expectations and “the way we do things,” the family will function better. Older kids can keep younger ones accountable, etc.

• Giving group hugs: It may feel incredibly corny, but group hugs are incredibly valuable — especially when someone is going to be away for an extended period of time.

• Family prayer:  Families grow incredibly strong when they bow their heads together.


• Bedtime rituals: Of course you always want to read a story before bedtime, but what else can you add? Maybe Dad would like to hang around, rub the back and sing a song? Maybe mom wants to say some special little thing before turning off the light like, “See you in the morning!” and the child says, “Not if I see you first!” Find your special something and start doing it!

Tacos & Games Night: One night a week, or one night a month if it’s more feasible, plan on a time when the whole group can come together for fun and games.

• Dad Date/Mom Date: A little one-on-one time with each of your kids is so important and can be a lot of fun in the planning.

Birthdays and Holidays: If you grew up with special touches made on special days, then you probably already have family traditions in this area. If not … You can makes birthdays more special by baking the child’s favorite cake; surprising him with a decorated birthday table of gifts in the morning; letting the birthday child pick what you’ll make for dinner or where you’ll eat out … You get the idea. As for holidays, the sky’s the limit. Research online all the different things you can do to make the different holidays special at your home. Your children will absolutely love this.

Last Day of School Party / First Day of School Photos

• An annual camping trip or family getaway

• Special treats and attention paid to special days like The Super Bowl, The Academy Awards, The World Series, your favorite sports’ teams, etc.




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