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July 12, 2024

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help kids use Chat GPT

Help Kids Use Chat GPT Without Cheating

Make exploring artificial intelligence a family affair to keep everything on the up and up.

“If they build it, they will come.” Well, they built it OpenAI and here we are. So it’s time to learn to help your kids use Chat GPT safely and to their advantage.
   Like it or not, Chat GPT is only the beginning of what OpenAI is bringing our way. The chatbot tool can answer all of your questions, do homework for your kids and more. It’s the latest issue to test your parent fortitude — and you need to get ahold of it.   
    If you’re still unitiated, Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence tool that answers questions you ask of it. It uses the knowledge it has acquired from the internet and from human interaction. Chat GPT can write letters, answer simple and complex questions and give you the sense that there’s a human touch although there’s not. With school starting, kids need to understand how to use Chat GPT — with your help.


A Profound Change

“Chat GPT is the biggest technological advancement we will see in our lifetime,” says Jules White, associate dean for strategic learning programs and associate professor of computer science at Vanderbilt University. “I would even argue that Chat GPT will have a more profound impact on our lives than the invention of the internet,” he adds.
    Them’s big words. But to add to his confidence, White has launched a free “Prompt Engineering for Chat GPT” course that anyone can take on Get schooled on Chat GPT and find out for yourself.
    White believes that Chat GPT is so important everyone will be using it more and more frequently to do things like develop a successful business plan, plan a family vacation or weekly meals or code a mobile app. The possibilities, he says, are endless. They are for your kids, too.
Ultimately, for a school kid, Chat GPT is sort of like a tutor that is always available. This makes it the most obvious and popular way for kids to take advantage of AI. Kids can learn to use Chat GPT as a tool instead of a crutch, which is where YOU come in. Chat GPT’s conversational tone makes it easy to understand for children — and if you have younger kids, you can even ask the chatbot to explain the answer in terms that a 5-year-old can understand.

How to help kids use Chat GPT

Create outlines
If your child is struggling with writing an essay, they can ask Chat GPT to help write the outline. But don’t leave your kid to their own devices. Do it together so you can offer guidelines. With repetition, this process can be used as a way to teach kids how to build the outline of an essay and subsequently get them started on their own.

History lessons
Chat GPT isn’t connected to the internet and it has been trained on information and world events only leading up to 2021. Need clarification on an historical world event 2021 or earlier? Ask the chatbot and get direct answers more quickly than by searching through different websites with a Google search.

Foreign languages
Chat GPT is a top-notch language translator. If your child is curious about a new language, the tool can help them translate text and even explain semantics and grammar.

Kids can ask Chat GPT questions about different situations (such as, why is the sky blue, or how do I solve this formula?). They can then ask follow-up questions to provide further clarity.

Correct grammar is key to effective communication, and Chat GPT can model it for your child. The technology uses clear and concise language so kids can learn by example, giving appropriate and complete responses to model effective communication.

Ice breakers
A kid can ask Chat GPT to give them ideas for what to say, for instance, to a teacher or to use in helping make new friends, for example, or for tips on how to make small talk in social settings.

Importance of communication
Chat GPT offers a good way for kids to learn to build conversations and learn the importance of expressing themselves clearly. It’s important that children write their prompts (questions) clearly and efficiently, so the message is conveyed successfully to get the most helpful response.


Plagiarism has always been an issue in education — and it’s even more of a concern now that Chat GPT and more are around.
    The problem of plagiarism in education has been around since the old-school Encyclopedia Britannicas were used for studying. At that time, teachers would discourage students from copying the text verbatim instead of doing research. Then came tech resources such as Encarta, followed by Google and Wikipedia, and, now, AI tools like Chat GPT.
    The concern that a child might simply copy and paste an AI chatbot’s response and try to pass it as their own work is valid. Your supervision is required to ensure they’re using Chat GPT as a learning tool. Your kids should view the answers as a starting point and they should verify the information they receive. This process will help teach your child the importance of doing research and understanding which sources are trustworthy.


It’s important to remind your kids that AI chatbots aren’t real humans and are incapable of feeling emotions like a person can. The responses a kid receives are based on programmed knowledge and language-processing capabilities. While chatbots understand questions and can respond accordingly, any emotion is simulated. A kid’s real work includes their personality and “voice.” Tell your kids that simulated emotions are easy to detect as not “you.”   
    Chat GPT is a great way to help kids learn about artificial intelligence resources which will become more prevalent for future generations. Although there are many precautions that should be put in place before letting a child use the AI chatbot, Chat GPT works exceedingly well to let kids learn, play, explore and access new ideas in simple terms. Try and keep them honest while using it.

Janie Synderman is a mother and freelance writer.



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Janie Snyderman

Janie Snyderman is a mom and a freelance writer.