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May 18, 2024

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Honey Bees Have Landed at Tanger Outlet Nashville

Shoppers are invited to see what all the buzz is about at Tanger Nashville.

Tanger Nashville, the new outlet mall set to open Oct. 27, is introducing a new shopping experience committed to environmental responsibility.

“Tanger builds centers not just for this generation – but for generations to come,” said Tanger Nashville General Manager Kendall Merrick. “Our goal is to enhance the customer experience by contributing to a more sustainable future, from design to operation to philanthropic programs. At Tanger Nashville, we look forward to serving as good environmental stewards to the Nashville community.”

The 290,000-square-foot, open-air shopping center will host a hive of pollinators on its roof to help provide a home for the country’s declining bee population. Home to between 30,000 to 50,000 of the winged residents, the thoughtfully positioned honeybee habitat will provide an optimal environment for the colony, which will be managed by certified advanced master beekeeper Eddie Roe. Mr. Roe will ensure the health and wellness of the Tanger bees, while offering ongoing public educational workshops highlighting the importance of biodiversity for a healthy ecosystem. Each year as part of the honeybee initiative, Tanger Nashville will also partner with a community organization to distribute its locally harvested honey.

Shoppers are invited to see what all the buzz is about by visiting the bees’ online profile at Alvéole to view their activity, discover their foraging range and check out photos, videos and upcoming beekeeper visits.

In addition, Tanger Nashville is installing pollinator-friendly flora and native plantings around the property to further augment the local ecosystem and provide essential food for bees. Sustainable landscaping practices, including the use of organic fertilizers, composting and responsible water management, will also maintain the health of the pollinator-friendly flora.

More Tanger Nashville Environmental Features:

  • Onsite rooftop solar panels capable of generating up to 1.4 megawatts of electricity annually
  • The usage of energy-efficient materials and innovative construction techniques
  • 12 electric vehicle charging stations, available at no cost to center guests
  • Center-wide LED lighting and digital lighting control systems to minimize light pollution
  • Smart water management, including indoor and outdoor water reduction systems, and a cloud-based landscape irrigation control system
  • Best practice cardboard recycling available for all stores and restaurants
  • An onsite electrical vehicle fleet – including a rechargeable security aerial drone and electric patrol car
  • Specialized roofing systems engineered to reflect sunlight will help to reduce heat absorption at the center

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