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July 19, 2024

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How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby showers are supposed to be fun! These expert tips will help you plan the best one yet.

Your best friend announces her pregnancy. Joyous congratulations erupt. Now, the hard part. It’s up to YOU to plan her baby shower. But, where do you start?

We have expert tips from Ashley Bourque, owner of Silver Celebrations, to help you plan that perfect baby shower. And, without pulling out all of your hair!


If you’re all in this by yourself, there are a few things to consider when you plan a baby shower. The cost is a major one.

Bourque says to plan on a cost of about $30 per person. That factors in food, drinks, games and decor. Yet, that does not include the venue rental. Which is probably why many baby showers take place at the hostess’ home.


Do you want to go all out or do you want to have a more intimate event? Whatever the choice, visit the places you want to consider. “Choose whichever speaks to you,” says Bourque. “Most want venues that are bright and airy, allow outside catering and let you decorate,” she adds.


Before you even start on the guest list, search online for the best invitations. Since most invites have a seven- to 10-day delivery, expect to order them about two months before the party. “You can also buy them from a store,” says Bourque. “Or, choose faster shipping. Consider e-vites, too!” But, try to match your theme.

While on the topic of themes, Bourque says zoo- and animal-themed baby showers are always trending. “They work for any type of mama or season,” she adds.

After you order the invites, write the guest list and gather addresses. Remember to keep a count, too. You don’t want to over invite!

“The size of the space plays a role in this, too,” says Bourque. “Most showers have anywhere from 15 – 30 guests on average.” She adds that the best time to mail them, too, is about a month in advance.

Party Games

It’s a party, but you still don’t want to overwhelm the mommy-to-be. You know your people and friends, too. Sometimes, it’s the feel of the audience that determines the number of games you play … if any at all.

Guests can be super enthusiastic β€” even competitive β€” when it comes to baby shower games. But, others would rather spend time with everyone. Bourque says at least one or two baby shower games is a good place to start.


Here’s your chance to show off the incredible theme you chose! The cake. It’s usually the focal point of a baby shower, too. Everyone loves to take photos around it as well. “With that said, as long as the cake tastes great, it doesn’t have to be extravagant on the outside,” says Bourque.

As for other food, it depends. “Most people go the light lunch/heavy appetizer route,” adds Bourque. Do what’s easy for you.


Favors are not a must, but guests these days seem to assume every party comes with one. There are definitely some adorable options out there, too. From DIY goodies to gift baskets to candy and more. “I’ve seen personalized cookies, handmade soaps, and even things specific to Nashville,” says Bourque. That includes hot chicken spice or GooGoo Cluster gift baskets. “This is especially fun if you have a lot of out of town guests,” she adds.

One important thing to remember … remember your guest of honor. Think of things that she can’t stand or absolutely loves. You really want her to have a good time, too. Besides, this party is all about her anyway!

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