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April 23, 2024

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Local Mom Launches SOP SOC

Brentwood mom Jamie Cobb has launched a sock company by "Standing on the Promises."

Jamie Cobb was getting her four kids off to school one morning when she began asking God to show her what was in store for her.
  “I was actually watching the news,” Cobb says. “There had been a mass-shooting and the Lord just spoke to me and told me that we have one thing to stand on, and that’s His word and His promises. That was comforting to me, and I found it to be for so many people.”

   Cobb’s idea? Comfy socks with Bible verses sewn onto the bottom. They’re SOP SOC, which stands for “Standing on the Promises” socks.

    “This idea of wrapping God’s word around your feet — Ephesians 6 talks about this — about having the gospel wrapped around your feet; to shod your feet with the gospel of peace,” Cobb says. 

    It took a long time to get SOP SOC going — Cobb does have four young kids, after all — but it’s been up and running for four months now. 

    “The first sample pair I got from the manufacturer was, “I can do all things through Christ” (Phil. 4:13), and I wore those as I just wanted to get SOP SOC off the ground. Eventually Cobb manufactured enough for family and friends, and now they’re available to everyone. I tried a pair and their super-comfortable socks.

        SOP SOC has four different verses to choose from: Philippians 4:13; Joshua 1:9; Jeremiah 29:11; and Matthew 19:26, each going with a specific color. Cobb hopes to expand the line soon.  One SOP SOC pair is $12.99. For more information, or to purchase, visit   — Noah Day

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Noah G. Day is a recent graduate of Sewanee, The University of the South. He is a freelance writer residing in Nashville.