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July 18, 2024

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MCS Announces New Preschool Building

Do you have a Murfreesboro preschooler in the Cason Lane area?

Murfreesboro City Schools has announced that Cason Lane Children’s Center located at 930 Cason Lane will become a MCS Preschool location. Cason Lane Academy Preschool will contain eight classrooms and serve approximately 160 students beginning in the 2023-24 school year.

The 9,100 square foot building, purchased by the City of Murfreesboro and assigned to MCS, will be a dedicated MCS Preschool facility on the west side of the city with three integrated Pre-K classrooms and five voluntary Pre-K classrooms. The Pre-K facility will open classroom space at Cason Lane Academy, Mitchell-Neilson Primary, Hobgood, and Northfield.

The MCS Voluntary Pre-K program is specifically designed for the education of low income or at-risk children. This high-quality Pre-K experience is designed to give four-year-old students the proper foundation for kindergarten.

β€œWe look forward to opening Cason Lane Preschool in August,” says Dr. Trey Duke, Director of schools. β€œWe are thankful that the City of Murfreesboro seized this opportunity to serve our youngest city residents through the use of a Community Development Block Grant and other federal funds.” MCS will take possession of the building in May as Cason Lane Children’s Center phases out their operation.

The integrated preschool classes offer preschoolers, with disabilities, challenging experiences through a language-based curriculum. Peer models are placed in each classroom to serve as role models and peer helpers to children with special needs.

Cason Lane Academy Preschool will fall under the administration of Cason Lane Academy. Like all MCS Pre-K classes, the classrooms will not be dependent on a specific school zone but will be based on specific needs of students. Opening an MCS PreK in an operating day care building eliminated the need to upgrade an existing school facility to State day care standards.

Applications for Pre-K in all Murfreesboro City School locations are now open. Additional details can be found at



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