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MOM REPORT: NCT’s Itsy Bitsy Spider

Nashville Parent Mom Reporter Samantha Fernandez and daughter Sadie enjoy the fun of the new "Snuggery" production at Nashville Children's Theatre.



WHO: Mom Reporter Samantha and daughter Sadie
WHAT: The Itsy Bitsy Spider world premiere Snuggery production
WHERE: Nashville Children's Theatre (25 Middleton St., Nashville)
WHEN: Thru Sept. 22: Tue – Fri 9 a.m.; Sat – Sun 9:30 & 11:30 a.m.
INFO: 615-252-4675 | nashvillect.org


Summer is SIZZLING! With temperatures soaring and storms brewing, finding indoor activities for my little one isn't exactly a walk in the park! Thankfully on those days when the weather has you running for shelter, Nashville Children's Theatre (NCT) has you covered! 

This month, we heard NCT's Snuggery (professional performances geared toward ages 0 – 5) was "weaving a tale" about The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and we didn’t crawl, we RAN to the theater!

The NCT spin on this classic nursery rhyme is an engaging and interactive tale of two young gardeners and their journey to get Grandfather’s chores done … with a little help from an eight-legged friend. During the show, you and your little one will help Marigold and Periwinkle tackle their to-do list while learning about gardening and patience through song and on-stage activities.

Sadie enjoys the interactive fun of The Itsy Bitsy Spider at NCT.

From start to finish the show is captivating for littles and adults alike, featuring life lessons that even I as an adult need to hear sometimes. To quote Periwinkle’s grandfather, “Patience isn’t just our availability to wait, but how we act while waiting." 

From the moment you walk into the theater, you are transported into a beautiful garden, and each child is handed a gardening basket full of helpful gadgets. There are no bad seats in the Snuggery, so if your little one is on the shy side, feel free to the sit toward the back. The performers do such an excellent job engaging each child that no matter where you sit, you will feel that you're a part of the show.

Sadie plays in the NCT lobby before the show.

Parking at NCT is certainly easier than crawling up a water spout — it's plentiful and free with free. To entice you to get to the theater early, free coffee sates the grown-ups before the show, and toys in the lobby engage little ones. My daughter was so entranced with the lobby toys that she thought they were the main reason we were there!

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is coming down and you need a place to go, head to NCT and be inspired with a story of determination that will see you through those storm clouds to brighter days.


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Samantha Fernandez is a local mom who loves going on outings with her daughter, Sadie.