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July 19, 2024

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Adventure Science Center

MOM REPORT: The Adventure Science Center

A fun day is in store at the Adventure Science Center with lots to see, do and touch!

My kids have always loved Nashville’s Adventure Science Center but we had not been in a long time. A recent trip was special because there have been many upgrades to the facility and my 5-year-old is now old enough to participate in more of the attractions.

We arrived on a Monday right before lunch at about 11 a.m. I didn’t know what to expect at this time on a week day; however, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were not too many people there. We got our tickets and went straight to the Planetarium show which we all really enjoyed. We sat right in the middle, and the seats were great. My 5-year-old told me, at the end of our day, that it was her favorite part of the trip. The show is long enough to enjoy but not so long that kids can lose interest, which is great.

Lots to See and Do

We then made our way through the other exhibits. One of the new ones they have is the Recycle Rainforest. There are boxes of craft materials available for use and we were encouraged to make animals out of a variety of very interesting materials. When we finished, we got to place them in the rainforest. This was a fun way to allow the girls to showcase their creativity.

Next, my oldest was able to stop in to the Innovation Icubator permanent exhibit to build a robot and program it to do several different functions. She really enjoys doing things like this and it was nice to see her bring it to life.

The playground β€” the Adventure Tower β€” is always a favorite. Climbing all the way up to the lookout center was a highlight for sure!
We stopped (about halfway through our visit) in the food court, enjoyed lunch, then finished our visit at the body exhibit, Bodyquest. I have worked in the medical field for 20 years, so this is a favorite for us.

We stayed for quite some time and were some of the last ones to leave. Then, on our way out, staff members were doing an exciting experiment in front of the building. They poured a bucket of solution into liquid nitrogen and made the whole entrance walkway fill with cool β€œcold smoke” that the kids got to walk through. It was an enjoyable experience from the time we arrived to get our tickets to the time we made it out to the car. I definitely recommend the Adventure Science Center to families! It is very fun for the kids and educational which is always a plus!


  • The Tinkering Garage opens at the ASC on May 5!
  • The ASC is a field trip destination for schools β€” keep an eye out for fall reservations (coming soon)
  • Homeschool classes are available at the ASC
  • ASC is a destination for birthdays, camps and private events
  • ASC is accessible for all