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July 18, 2024

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MOM REPORT: Zip on Over to The Adventure Park at Nashville 

Nashville Parent Mom Reporter Kylie Ebbutt got the scoop for parents wanting to check out this outdoor climbing experience!

If you and your family are looking for a different view of Nashville, then The Adventure Park at Nashville has just the change of scenery you need! 

Up in the treetops of Belle Meade sits the Park, with numerous climbing courses and ziplines that cater to all ages.  

The courses are self-guided and have five distinct levels of difficulty. The park also offers Nashville’s only outdoor axe-throwing and spaces for picnics and parties. Booking online ahead of time is encouraged, and it is best to arrive 30-45 min before your scheduled start time.  

The early arrival is due to the safety training and carabiner practice that are mandatory before you climb. The park also recommends wearing gloves (leather) while climbing. My husband, Dan, and I brought our own from home but were able to purchase extra small gloves for our 7-year-old son, Leyton, in the gift shop. We were thankful we had gloves, as the metal wires and stiff ropes would have made for sore palms.  

Climbin’ time

After we watched a safety video and practiced on a low zipline how to clip in and out of the cables it was off to the main climbing platform to choose our first course! Unfortunately, our son quickly realized he was a bit afraid of the height and wanted to go back down to the low ropes course on the playground area to practice a bit more. 

Although my husband and I felt super safe with our harnesses and clips, it was challenging for my son to use the cables and he was worried that they would not hold him up if he were to fall. He practiced for a few more minutes and then felt like he could try again on the higher course.  

We chose one of the easiest courses to start on and went slow. We had our son go in between my husband and I so that one of us would always be on the next platform to help him clip in and out to the next obstacle. The course ended with a short zipline to the ground and then it was back to the main platform to choose another course.  

Not only does the park offer the high ropes course, but there is also an incredible playground/low ropes course for kids ages 3-6. For first time kid climbers or kiddos afraid of heights, this area makes for a great alternative or practice round. Overall, The Adventure Park of Nashville has a lot to offer, however those afraid of heights may find it a bit too challenging.  

Know before you go 

  • Get there 30-45 minutes before your scheduled start time  
  • Bring your own leather gloves, or plan to purchase in the gift shop 
  • Bring drinks and snacks (climbing wears you out!)
  • Wear snug fitting clothing
  • Use the restroom BEFORE getting your harness on

Kylie Ebbutt works for the East Nashville based non-profit There With Care and is the proud mom of Leyton (7) and Hadley (2).



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