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April 21, 2024

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Does She Need a Local Tutor?

Some kids find that the huge leap fifth grade brings to school work can leave them frustrated.

"It's the first time I've seen tears," says Janet Pope, mom of 10-year-old Logan. "I wasn't a good math student myself, so I wanted to be sure she got what she needed and I hired a tutor," she adds. With progress reports soon to be coming out, many parents are trying to nip a learning issue in the bud.

“Some parents contact us to help their child catch up,” says Teresa Flores, Ph.D., center director at Sylvan Learning Center of Murfreesboro. “They see their child struggling in school and have confidence that a personalized learning plan will help their child improve their academic skills to make better grades at school.”

But it's not just struggling students who can benefit from a tutor. Academic support can be very helpful for kids who just want to be better prepared for classes on a daily basis, or for those who need help with study skills. Many schools have specialists in place to help get children up to speed, so if your child is struggling, be sure to check for what's available there, too.

Ask your child’s teacher for recommendations since freelance specialists can be less expensive than learning centers. Also consider chipping in for a tutor with another family. Do you suspect your child is having a learning issue with a subject in school?


  1. Doesn’t want to go to school
  2. Difficulty doing homework
  3. Gaps in learning
  4. Poor test grades
  5. Hiding test scores from parents
  6. Teacher reports missing assignments
  7. Unable to keep up
  8. Multiple wrong answers
  9. Unfinished assignments
  10. Frustration and possibly tears
  11. Decreased self-confidence
  12. Parents are frustrated and don’t know how to help


  • What age do you tutor?
  • Is it for remedial work only? Or do you do enrichment and maintenance, too?
  • What subjects do you offer?
  • Do you have summer programs?
  • Can my child go during school hours?
  • Do you offer diagnostic testing? Is it required?
  • Is it small group sessions or one on one?
  • Where does tutoring take place?
  • What qualifications do you/your teachers have?
  • If there’s a personal conflict with the tutor, can I get another one?
  • How often is the child required to go?
  • Can you work sessions around my family’s schedule?
  • How often will I receive progress reports? Will they be written or verbal?
  • What is the duration of the contract?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Are there any hidden fees?


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