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April 24, 2024

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NoBaked Cookie Dough Expands!

Rumor has it that NoBaked Cookie Dough, which makes your cookie dough dreams come true, plans to open in CoolSprings Galleria.

Ever since you were little, you've been told not to eat the cookie dough. Well, for a few years now, NoBaked Cookie Dough has allowed you to do just that. This sweet treat offers you the chance to endulge in yourself with cookie dough without the risk of any foodborne illnesses. Made fresh every day at each location, NoBaked leaves out the eggs and heat treat its flour for a worry-free cookie dough treat. The shops offer more than 12 different flavors including S'mores, Cookie Monster, Cookies N Cream, Brownie Batter Chip, Red Velvet and more. You can add all the toppings you want, too. Get it in a cone to add that special touch.

Since early 2017, the once online ordering and pop-up shop began its craze as it appeared at local community events. The large following begged for a brick and mortar and now, there are currently six storefront locations across Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri — with more coming soon! Rumor has it that shoppers at CoolSprings Galleria can expect to give it a try, too, when a new location opens its doors. There's not much more info on this new location and the NoBaked Marketing Team tells us, "We aren't giving any details on that shop yet since it hasn't started construction. We will be sharing a press release once it has been started!"

Until then, visit them online and check out one of the other locations. Cost is $9 three scoops, $7 two scoops, $5 one scoop. For additional fees, add a cone ($1.50), get a milkshake, ice cream and more.

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Photos by NoBaked Cookie Dough.


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