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June 13, 2024

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Our TOP 10 Podcasts for New Parents

We've listened and so far these are our faves. Whether you're driving, grocery shopping or doing the laundry, make it a lot more interesting by giving a listen to one of these gems.


Curious about podcasts but have yet to dive in? You’re sort of missing out! Podcasts are “the new radio,” but listening in requires more than just flipping stations. The great news is podcast programming is free. Just install an app on your phone and download the shows you want to hear. It’s as simple as that. Invest in a good pair of ear buds so you can happily shop for dinner without a care in the world. We’ve picked out some outstanding parenting podcasts, but you can expand your listening pleasure by finding podcasts just for you. No pressure … and enjoy!

1) The Longest Shortest Time
Twice a month, surprising interviews with parents and kids. 

2) The Tranquility Tribe
All-things pregnancy, birth, and being a new mom plus special guests.

3) Babytalk
About three posts a month on the “ride” of parenthood.

4) Pregnancy Magazine
Practical information for parents from parents. 

5) Hello, Bump
A light pregnancy focus with all the trials and challenges. 

6) Birthful
Now on episode #215, Birthful covers conception to postpartum care.

7) The Boob Group
Hosted by a certified lactation consultant; struggles, tips and tricks.

8) Unruffled
A parenting author shares respectful encouragement for parenting.

9) Mom & Dad Are Fighting
Two writer/parents share witty parenting banter.

10) Happy Mum Happy Baby
About twice a month, listen to frank conversations about motherhood.

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