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July 19, 2024

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That Baby Shower Gift …

How do you react to a present you just opened that was totally unexpected? Local moms share their unique baby shower gifts that have given them an everlasting memory.

There I was, sitting in a comfy chair at a friend’s house, opening gifts at my baby shower she was hosting. Smiling from ear to ear with each gift … knowing that I would use everything everyone gave me. However, you know there’s bound to be a gift or two that are meant to be for your baby that are totally unexpected. I’ve been to a couple of baby showers where the gifts got weird … but sometimes practical.

I know someone that got a giant black garbage can. Not meant as a joke, it’s just the man that attended the shower thought he was doing something good. But, when she opened the lid, it was filled with diapers! Off-the-wall yet practical. He said, “You’re gonna need a BIG trash can for all those stinky diapers!” So, it just goes to show that those unusual gifts are memories in the making, and they make for a good laugh, too.

We were curious to find out if others have been in the same situation. So, we asked local moms to share something they got at their baby shower that was unusual. Read on, because you might find ideas for the next baby shower you attend.

Local moms share what they got at their baby shower that gave them a giggle.

Hilarius Signs
Paula Ann says, “When I was pregnant with my first child, my grandfather’s crazy German housekeeper gave me a wooden plaque that said ‘Sex is a lot like golf, you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it.’ I was 17 at the time! LOL.”

More Uses for Cloth Diapers
“My one and only was born in 2008,” says Melanie M Davis. “I got cloth diapers, safety pins and plastic undies to cover the cloth diapers. Never used them as diapers. To be honest I found the cloth diapers at my mothers house last year and I use them to dry my car after washing it.”

Unique Pacifiers
“At my son’s baby shower when I was pregnant with him, a close friend of ours took a duck call and put a pacifier in the end of it,” recalls Deena Smith. “My husband is a big duck hunter and now my son, who is 16 now, is an even bigger duck hunter!”

A Fish?
“One of my friends got me a beta fish as my baby shower gift,” says Alaina Shenae Swann. “My son’s nursery is decorated with an ocean theme, and I had mentioned to her that I was thinking of getting some real fish to put in there. We ended up keeping the beta in the living room though.”

Piggy Banks
“My step-grandfather’s daughter gifted me [for Baby] a super heavy black sheep coin bank,” says Billie Jean Poteet. “When I say heavy, I mean it was well more than a pound to two pounds in weight. And it was a black sheep!”

Doc Cummings got lots and lots of batteries. “Kinda laughed it off until we opened all the gifts that were marked ‘batteries not includes,'” says Cummings. “Thanks, Pete!”

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