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June 23, 2024

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Top Apps for Parents With Older Kids

Your parenting needs evolve when you have older kids. Check out these helpful tools for parenting, education and more.

As kids grow, your parenting needs evolve, and there are apps designed to you. From parenting to education, tracking and communication, here are some apps that you may find helpful:

Top Apps for Parents With Older Kids

  1. Cozi:
    • A family organization app that helps you manage schedules, appointments, and to-do lists for each family member.
    • Includes a shared family calendar and shopping lists.
  2. OurPact:
    • A parental control app that allows parents to manage screen time, block apps, and set schedules for device use.
    • Provides insights into how children are spending their time online.
  3. Life360:
    • A family locator app that allows family members to share their location in real-time.
    • Offers features like driving reports, emergency alerts, and location sharing.
  4. Khan Academy:
    • An educational app offering a wide range of video lessons and exercises in various subjects.
    • Suitable for older kids who may need extra help with homework or want to learn new topics.
  5. Epic!:
    • A digital library app with a vast collection of e-books and audiobooks for kids.
    • Offers educational content and allows parents to track reading progress.
  6. FamilyTime:
    • A parental control app that allows parents to manage screen time, block apps, and monitor online activities.
    • Provides location tracking and geofencing features.
  7. Qustodio:
    • A comprehensive parental control app for managing screen time, monitoring online activities, and setting content filters.
    • Allows parents to track calls and texts on the child’s device.
  8. Out of Milk:
    • A shopping list app that can be shared among family members.
    • Helps keep track of grocery needs and other household items.



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