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July 21, 2024

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Virtual Birthing Classes You Can Take at Home

Uneasy about heading out for childbirth classes? It's OK. Several local virtual resources are available β€” in addition to others β€” to help expecting parents prepare.

Summer, 2020 and COVID-19 is still wrecking the most carefully laid out plans for sports, weddings … and babies. Not that you’re complaining or anything. But if delivering a baby is in your not-so-distant future, you need to be ready. Here is a round-up of virtual childbirthing classes you can take in the privacy of your home.


baby+co, a Vanderbilt Health Facility
Available FREE virtual classes include: “What You Need to Know About Water Birth,” “Bearing Down: Secrets to Successful Pushing,” “Pregnancy Support Group,” and more. Virtual classes with a fee include; “Breastfeeding Foundations,” “Understanding Your Newborn,” “Coping Sills for Labor,” “Express Pumping Basics,” “Great Bigs! Sibling Prep,” “Building a Baby: Smart Pregnancy Nutrition,” “Conceive: Understanding Your Fertility,” and many more.

Blissful Birthing
Online childbirth class through an independent company of professional doulasΒ not associated with hospitals. The $100 class covers all the topics in one and a half hours.

St. Thomas Midtown
Available virtual classes include: “Lamaze Natural Childbirth Class,” “Childbirth Education,” “Comprehensive Breastfeeding,” “Neonatal Resusitation,” “Childbirth Education Labor in a Day.”


An online course drawing from the bestselling book, Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood β€” And Trusting Yourself and Your Body. “Nurture: The Online Birth Course” is $100.

Offers a curated collection of classes β€” most costing $40 β€” including “Baby 101: The Parenting Prerequisite,” “Breastfeeding 101: From Prenatal to Pumping,” “Infant Safety,” “Infant Sleep,” “How to Tell if Your Baby is Getting Enough Breast Milk,” “Common Breastfeeding Challenges,” and more.

Live, online classes on childbirth, parenting and early childhood development taught by educators, doctors of early childhood development and parents.

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