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May 26, 2024

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5 Kid Photography Tips From a Pro

Don't waste your time taking pictures of your kids — read these great tips from the owners of New Day Photography.

We all take photos of our kids, practically on a daily basis. Then we scroll through them to find one good enough to share. Well, the owners of New Day Photography, located in Franklin, have five great tips to help you get good pictures of your sweeties every time you shoot.

Using a Smartphone to Take Pictures of Kids

  1. Always check your location setting for your camera so when you post images to social media, the location is not embedded in the image. This prevents others from locating where you are.
  2. Check your phone settings to verify that it’s saving your photos at the highest resolution possible. The highest resolution possible makes the clarity of your photos best.
  3. Be aware of where your light is coming from when you shoot. You want well-lit subjects in your photos, no squinting eyes, and no shadows. Full or partial shade or somewhere like a porch area with filtered light are ideal for great lighting.
  4. Get in close to your subjects and use them to fill the frame of your camera. You want your child to be the focus of your photos, not some small piece of the image. Don’t use the zoom to do this because you can lose image quality.
  5. Clean your lens with a soft cloth often. Phone lenses are constantly exposed to the environment and pick up dust and grime which can lead to hazy photos.

New Day Photography is located at 3234 Boyd Mill Ave. in Franklin. Sitting on a two-and-a-half acres, New Day makes a perfect spot for a photography session. Outside set ups include cottage gardens, picket fences, tractors, barns, board swing, tire swing, antique and vintage furniture, rock walls and more. Learn more by calling 615-281-0612.

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