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May 22, 2024

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All’s Fair at the Fairgrounds

The Fairgrounds Nashville soon to get a facelift ... with a soccer stadium. Locals not so happy about the idea.

Without hesitation, the moment the announcement was made that Mayor Megan Barry and John R. Ingram, the lead investor for Nashville’s Major League Soccer, settled on a $250 million plan for a 27,500 seat soccer-specific stadium on the Nashville Fairgrounds, people became outraged. The idea should’ve sparked excitement. The idea that a major league soccer team would be calling Nashville home? Who would’ve thought. But no! Without looking into the plans, immediate bashing of the Mayor commenced.

“Leave the fairgrounds alone! That’s a historical part of Nashville! Why should we change that?”

“Megan did it again, destroying historical Nashville.”

Hold up!

In reality, the proposed plan states “Additionally, Mayor Barry is committed to funding the Fairgrounds Master Plan for building upgrades and replacements of aging facilities used for the fair, flea market, and racing events.”

She’s not tearing the site down, people. Settle down. All the fun that usually happens there will still happen, but it will happen in upgraded facilities. Better yet, some of those could be NEW! Wait for all the information. There is good to come. Just wait and see!

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