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May 30, 2024

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Be the Mother You Want to Be.

Motherhood can be draining and leave you in an emotional heap. Take heart, and let love lead the way.

It’s a good idea for we moms to press “reset” each year. Mother’s Day reminds us that it’s good to keep improving ourselves.  If “things” are not exactly how you want them to be, if you’re unhappy as a mom, it may just be that it’s YOU who has to adjust.

Sobering Thought

    You are getting older. Your children are, too. The growing up years pass quickly and one day your child will be a teenager and you’ll ask, “When did THAT happen?” When you are teary eyed at his graduation, you WILL think, “It all went too fast.” Once you set him up in his college dorm and hug him goodbye, what “piece” of you will stay with him? Will he want to Skype with you once a week or not?
    Are you the mom you want to be?  Forget about what’s happened before or what gives you guilt today. Ditch it and move forward.

How to Be the Mom Your Kids Need and the One They’ll Remember.

Think of a mom you know and admire. Notice the way she handles her kids: a light touch, easy going, stress-free. Can you take on a few of her good qualities — even if your circumstances are way different from hers?

Decide on personal areas of improvement you can make. Carve out more time for playing/hanging out with your kids (without an agenda) … this sort of thing.

Vow that you’re going to really try to understand each one of your kids for who they are — not who you want them to be. This simple thought will put you in check. Listen to each one of your kids and let them be who they are.

Self Evaluation

Enjoy the moments. Your children will remember the little things they experienced growing up, not how impeccable their home was. Kids will remember when you rode bikes together or jumped on a bed. They’ll remember the fun times when you enjoyed being with them … or not.

Refocus. All moms can have “off” days or make mistakes. Moms can suffer the guilt of yelling too much. When you have those bad moments, take time to ask yourself what went wrong? Take personal time to re-center yourself through  exercise, therapy, spirituality, ongoing counsel from a friend or whatever you need.

Rise early for peace, meditation or prayer. Get used to asking for help from your higher power — whatever you believe. “Help me to know that I am the world to my children and there’s no better role for me than being their mom. I want to guide them with what they need. Help me to be the mom I want them to remember. That’s worth repeating:


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Susan Swindell Day, Editor

Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.