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May 30, 2024

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Birth Photography: Capture the Moment

More and more moms turn to the pros to capture Baby's birth experience.

Taking pictures and/or video during Baby’s birth was once Dad’s sole responsiblity. Granted, that becomes difficult. Lots of parents utilize birth photography services; it’s a growing trend in the delivery room. 

Most birth photographers with experience charge between 41,500 – $2,500. If you can spring for it, it’s a convenient and bold way to document your baby’s delivery story. So, what should you look for in a birth photographer?

Of course, “look for someone with experience,” says Kalli Pavon, owner/photographer with Kalimana Film Stories in Middle Tennessee. She says to seek “a professional birth photographer who’s proficient at the craft and documenting a variety of labor and delivery situations.”

What About C-Sections?

Many birth photographers will capture a C-section, too, as long as your hospital staff permits it.

“I have captured many cesarean births,” says Cindy Lennon, a birth photographer with A Sacred Delivery, serving the Middle Tennessee area. “The decision is made by the attending doctors and staff at the time of surgery. But if I’m not allowed in the room, I’ll take photos before and after the surgery,” she adds.

“I’ve been invited to accompany clients into the O.R. several times at various hospitals in Middle Tennessee, but I also completely respect the decisions of care providers when they are unable to grant the request,” says Pavon. “The good thing is, even if we are unable to capture that moment of delivery, there is still SO MUCH story to be told,” she adds.

Those parts of the story include sitting together pre-surgery, preparing, suiting up for the C-section, heading through the double doors, spending time with Baby afterward. Of course, all the firsts like family members meeting Baby for the first time make great photo memories.

How Much of the Process do Birth Photographers Capture?

Birth photographers begin snapping pics from the time they arrive during your labor. How much of the actual birth the photographer captures depends on you.

Pavon says she ideally gets to document moments from labor, around delivery and with Baby afterward. The parts of birth a photographer captures typically depends of their style and the client’s comfort level.

“Some families want to see it all, while others just want to see photos of moments they can share with others,” says Pavon. “Either way, a professional birth photographer is able to accommodate the family’s desires,” she adds.

Birth Photography Services in Middle Tennessee:

Alurawayne Photography
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A Sacred Delivery (Cindy Lennon)
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Christie Lynn Photography

Faith Doggett Photography
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Kailee Riches Photography
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Kalimana Film Stories
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Karen Halbert Photography
615-394-5970 •

Lorna Tyson Photography
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NOVA Birth Services
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Rylan’s Riches Photography

Shutterleaf Studio
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Voyage Creatives
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Featured photo courtesy of Kalimana Film Stories.

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