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June 21, 2024

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Centennial High Offers “Eurydice” Encore Performances

A one-night-only, double performance is scheduled for June 14th at the Centennial High School Performing Arts Center.

Centennial High School’s Center Stage Theatre company will perform an encore performance of Eurydice, one of the program’s most talked about shows from the 2023-2024 school year. A one-night-only, double performance is scheduled for Friday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at the Centennial High School Performing Arts Center.

Originally performed in the Fall 2023 semester, Eurydice featured limited seating, unique staging and an original musical score written by two Centennial High School students that provided the audience with an unusual theater experience.

Eurydice was one of the most impactful shows of our season and the one we are constantly told people regret not seeing or want to see again,” says Centennial High School’s Theater Director, Megan Hardgrave. “The intimate seating puts the audience up close to the emotional delivery of the actors. Visually this show is stunning.”

Written by acclaimed playwright, Sarah Ruhl, the play is an adaptation of the Greek myth of Eurydice and her struggle with the grief of losing her father, her love for her husband, Orpheus and an existence in the Underworld and the Earth.

When choosing to perform Eurydice, Hardgrave decided that adding music would further distinguish the artistry of her students.

“I knew I wanted an original score for the show and I knew that I had the right students to do it,” says Hardgrave. Seniors Andrew Barré and Luke Cooper, both experienced musicians and songwriters, have written an 8-song score that they perform during the play.

“I had heard Andrew and Luke’s original music previously and knew that their style of music was exactly what I wanted for the show,” says Hardgrave. “They composed music that was not only emotionally responsive but also perfectly personified each character. In fact, the music became one of the most beloved parts of the original production.”

The original score is currently being recorded in time to release the music for the show in June.

A noteworthy element of the play is the design and staging of the show featuring the talents of the students at Centennial High School. Student set designer, Kylie Rasmussen, sound designers Mary Morreale and Eve O’Donnell and lighting designer Jamesyn Whitlock worked together to create the environment. The set, along with seating on stage, only feet away from the actors, adds to the audience experience.

Tickets are $15 online at For more information on Centennial High School’s Center Stage Productions, contact Megan Hardgrave at 



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