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April 23, 2024

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Common Ground for Special Kids

Common Ground's individualized therapies aim to positively modify behaviors for special needs kids.

Our area has a brand-new resource to help families with children who have special learning needs for academics, functional communications, learning readiness skills, play, toilet training and more. Common Ground Cooperative (CGC) also addresses the problematic behaviors that interfere with social skills through a team of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) experts providing individualized, in-home education and therapy to kids. The services of Common Ground Cooperative is currently available in Williamson and Davidson counties only, but broader expansion is forseen.

CGC’s ABA programs are designed to positively modify behavior in five specific ways: 1) Increasing the frequency of a desired, socially significant behavior; 2) Teaching a new skill; 3) Helping to maintain a skill; 4) Generalizing or transferring behavior from one situation or response to another; 5) Reducing challenging behaviors.

CGC’s programs also include positive behavior supports to help with non-compliance, repetitive behaviors, difficulty with transitions and aggression. In addition, CGC plans to open a community center in the near future with a state-of-the-art inclusive play space, personal therapy areas and room for small group activities. The center will provide enrichment opportunities like dance/movement, art, music and yoga.

Common Ground’s individual consultations are $75 per hour; therapy packages range from $225 – $580 depending on number of hours per week. To learn more, call 615-431-3763 or visit

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Susan Swindell Day, Editor

Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.