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Bach to Rock, Mt. Juliet Camps

It’s Never Too Early or Late to Take Music Lessons!

Private Lessons Plus Jam Sessions with Peers

Everyone can get creative and have fun at Bach to Rock Nashville West! Whether students are brushing up on skills or they’ve never touched an instrument, we have programs for musicians at every skill level.

We combine private lessons with group programs to help students fast-track their learning. With one-on-one lessons, musicians can learn to play songs they love. They’ll build on music fundamentals and get comfortable playing their instrument.

During our group programs, they’ll have the chance to shine! Our glee clubs and band programs bring together musicians at a similar level. Students meet new people, learn to play together, and gain confidence.

And that’s not all. Our bands and glee clubs play live gigs, perform in local competitions, and book time in a recording studio. It’s a great way for musicians of all ages to show off their passion for playing!


Rock Band Camp – Students are organized into bands by age/skill level, then they choose a band name and get rocking! Band members select instruments and learn basic equipment setup and fundamental music concepts. By the end of camp, students will have recorded played at least one full song, which they’ll perform for an audience of teachers and parents.

Beat Refinery® DJ Camp – After choosing their DJ name, students learn their way around the DJ console/turntable equipment and software. They learn basic mixing, scratching, and music production. At the end of 5 days, they’ll be able to perform a short set for an audience of parents and teachers.

Glee Club – Just what it sounds like—this fun choral ensemble is where students become stars! Grouped by age and/or skill level, campers learn and explore fun vocal exercises, sing in harmony, and learn cool choreography moves and perform arrangements of popular songs. B2R Glee Club is a unique group learning experience emphasizing reading, intonation, listening, rhythm, and healthy vocal technique. Groups perform a short set at the end of the final day of camp.

Rock City – On Rock City World Tour, students learn about and play a diverse set of instruments from around the globe. With African hand-drums and Australian didgeridoos, adventurers explore music and instruments with guided movement activities and musically inspired story-telling experiences. On the last day of camp parents get to enjoy a performance highlighting many of these musical adventures!

Recording Arts Camp – Students gain hands-on experience with industry standard gear. Using professional recording software, they learn about music production behind the mixing board and in the live room. Students work alongside an Audio Engineer, learn about microphones and placement, explore audio effects and recording techniques, while recording live bands and groups.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: By appointment only

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