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Belmont University College of Sciences and Mathematics

With immersive research opportunities, supportive & engaged professors, and state-of-the-art lab facilities, Belmont is so much more than a music school. During this summer, high school students can flourish during hands-on pre-college experiences in our College of Sciences and Mathematics (CSM). Our camps are unique because they are developed and taught by our very own faculty, so not only will you receive a nationally-recognized education, but you will also get to become a member of the Belmont community and experience what makes our students thrive!

 The Belmont College of Sciences and Mathematics will host 5 high school camps this summer, each in an exciting area of exploration. Each camp combines engaging lecture and discussion with hands-on experience.

 June 5-July 7: Research Immersive Summer Experience in Data Science 

  • RISE is a 6-week HS camp that provides students exposure to data science, statistics and original scientific research through coursework and guided group research projects. 

July 10-July 14: Game Design and Programming (GDP) 

  • The participants will learn how to use creativity and logic to create their own pieces of interactive media and video games. The camp combines design and basic programming to make a unique version of a computer game.  

July 17-July 21: Unlock Advanced Mathematical Problem Solving 

  • This course will introduce students to higher level mathematics frequently taught after the calculus sequence, focusing on discrete mathematics. While the concepts are challenging, they require little background knowledge and are quite accessible for enthusiastic high school students. 

July 24-July 28: Applied Physics and Engineering at Work

  • Camp participants will learn to apply physics modeling and Python programming to systematically investigate the motion of a toy car.

July 31-August 4: From Brain to Behavior at Belmont (BBB) 

  • From Brain to Behavior at Belmont (BBB) builds critical thinking skills for participants in psychology and neuroscience through hands-on activities related to brain structure, neuronal function, and human behavior. 


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