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Carol’s Homestead

Outdoor Education Adventure for Kids – Since 2019

Join Dr. Carol Batey-Prunty, founder of the Botanical Sanctuary with her husband John for an educational hands-on experience of nature, cooking and more.

The mission as a sanctuary steward is to provide grassroots, educational milieu for the community-at-large to honor the natural flora of the woods with a special focus on plants that need a safe shelter.

The passion of Homestead is to supply an outdoor nature-based edutainment for kids to build an appreciation of the woods, plants, and their specific actions. A program for all ages. In the educational program, outdoor skills are taught on how to carefully propagate plants and how to harvest them safely.

The harvests are used for food, herbal medicine products, and crafts. The home gardens, greenhouses and woodland supply are added resources for exploring, teaching, and harvesting. Classes are 4.5 hours including lunch from the harvested foods to great dishes made by our young chefs.

On students’ arrival, materials and supplies are handed out. A guided tour of the trails in the woods around the Homestead and, if available, plant ID (mostly in Spring, Summer, and Fall). Games played in the woods, a visit to the tree house and tent for exploring wilderness survival as well. Activities promoting creativity, a crucial factor of brain development, includes fabric leaf painting and printing, building, and painting bird feeders, molding clay art, making flower plaques, making wreathes from vines. Methods will be incorporated to allow students to experience the natural movement of their bodies and tune into their senses including proprioceptive and vestibular. Through hiking with binoculars, student especially children, will gain confidence while walking on the wild side of the woods. Children, adorned in aprons, will enjoy doing crafts and cooking with the foraged foods.

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