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What happens if you haven’t named legal guardians for your kids? Life's uncertainties require concrete plans. On February 22nd, attend our free masterclass, Wills and Trusts for Parents in Middle Tennessee to lay the foundation for your family's resilience. Your family deserves a secure and well-planned future.

At Chesser Legal Solutions, PLLC, we’re a highly focused boutique law firm with a sole practice area: estate planning. We know that there is no one size fits all approach to estate planning, so we work closely with each and every client to discover their family’s specific needs and circumstances in order to create a completely customized estate plan. By educating our clients on all of their options, we enable them the make the best decisions for their families.

More important than asset protection, we help families plan for their children’s futures should the unthinkable happen. We facilitate families in naming guardians for their children and planning for their financial futures. Having a background in family law litigation, Robert has seen first hand the hurt that can ensue when the correct arrangements are not made. Thankfully, peace of mind for your family is right around the corner.

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