3105 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212, USA

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Christ The King School (CKS)

Christ the King School serves God by educating students within the Catholic tradition of faith, academic excellence, love, and service.

Vision: Christ the King School aspires to share knowledge of God's world, establish a strong foundation for academic excellence, and instill the spirit of service in a Christ-centered life.

Purpose: We, the community of Christ the King School, are called to:

• INSPIRE each other to become disciples of Christ, to develop God given talents, and to pursue academic excellence;

• SHARE the values of the Gospels and the principles of Catholic social justice;

• LOVE each other and appreciate the unique gifts that each contributes to our community;

• TEACH each other to reach out with kindness, empathy, respect, and patience;

• LEARN from our exploration of new ideas, methods, and practices;

• SUPPORT each other and the School, with our time, talent, and treasure to fulfill the Mission and Vision, and

• PRAY together as we share and model our Catholic faith.

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