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Craft Body Scan

Craft Body Scan (CBS) is dedicated to revolutionizing health and wellness for everyone. Our mission is simple: to restore health and save lives. We do that by empowering people to proactively take control of their wellness by enabling them to discover potential health issues before they become problems.

Utilizing state-of-the-art CT scanning technology, we detect even the smallest irregularities months or even years before symptoms appear. This early detection is crucial, particularly for silent killers like heart disease and cancer, significantly increasing chances of survival. At CBS, we make life-changing and life-saving body scans accessible to people of all backgrounds and budgets.

Pricing and Packages

  • A virtual colonoscopy at Craft Body Scan costs $1,980. Note that the cost covers examining the interior and exterior of your colon for abnormalities and polyps, the colonic abdominal section, and the wall girth. You’ll get the complete radiologic reports, and you also have the option to review your results with any of our healthcare professionals.
  • A CT heart scan at Craft Body Scan costs $640, and this price includes the cost of scanning your heart and a coronary calcium score. You’ll get a comprehensive report and a radiologist’s review of the images in your mail.
  • A heart and lung scan at Craft Body Scan costs $1,360. The cost includes your chest CT with a radiologist’s interpretation. It also contains a full radiology report and follow-up recommendations sent directly to you.
  • A full body scan with a personal review would cost you $2,495. With this, you’ll get an assessment of your overall health that includes heart, lung, and pelvic scans, as well as a full radiologist report. It would also come with a personal review of your results by one of our healthcare professionals. If you want a bone density test done, you can complete this during this scan by paying an additional fee of $100.
  • A presidential body scan costs $3,265 and includes a full body scan, virtual colonoscopy, and physician consultation if you desire one.

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Craft Body Scan

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