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Omni Services

About the Omni Family of Services

The Omni Family of Services is a multi-state placement agency serving Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Omni provides services for adults and children.

Founded in Tennessee in 1991, Omni has always believed that every child deserves a home, and that the best way to serve children and youth is in a home-like environment where flexible services are available in the frequency, intensity, and duration necessary for each child to succeed.

Omni expanded its services to North Carolina in 1993 and to Kentucky in 2006.

As such, Omni focuses on family, providing each individual with a community support system to facilitate and inspire growth and development.

Another important part of The Omni Family of Services is preparing foster youth for the transition from foster care to adult life. Our Omni Family Foundation’s mission is to help ease those life transitions as much as possible.

Our mission statement reflects our priorities: the people we serve and the quality of our services. Our values set the standards for each employee and every service we provide. And our history validates the success that has come from respecting our values and mission.

Omni is proud of our achievements and of the positive impact we have on the lives of adults, children and families alike. To learn more about our services, contact an office near you.

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