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Snodgrass-King Dental Associates – Cool Springs

At Snodgrass-King Dental Associates, it is our belief that a healthy and beautiful smile will be the foundation of a child’s future. Our pediatric dental specialists are committed to delivering the optimum in dental care. You choose us because you want the best for your children, and so do we. It is our goal to provide this in a relaxing and fun filed environment. At SnodgrassKing, we know the impact that your smile has on your health, self-esteem, and the way others view you. It is our mission to insure every patient has a smile to build a future on.

Did you know it's recommended that children have their first dental examination when they begin to teethe and their first tooth erupts? The first dental visit should occur shortly after the first tooth erupts and no later than the child’s first birthday. Beginning tooth and mouth examinations early may lead to detection of early stages of tooth decay that can be easily treated. At the first visit we will present: If your child is over the age of four, we start with brushing and flossing instructions. With the parent accompanying the patient, we will go over the most effective way to excel in oral hygiene. We will then proceed to take both cavity detecting and growth development x-rays if they are needed. After the hygienist thoroughly cleans your son or daughter’s teeth, you will be present while the dentist does his/her examination. This will enable you to meet the dentist, get first-hand knowledge of your child’s progress and ask any questions that you may have. The process is very similar to your own experience at the dentist, with the exception of a more kid-friendly environment. If the patient is under the age of four, the process is a little different. You are welcome to join your child in a room more suitable for babies and toddlers. They, as any of our patients, will be able to watch cartoons or movies during their cleaning. For our younger patients, an extensive toothbrush prophy (cleaning) is done. We will use polishing paste and a toothbrush to effectively treat your child’s teeth. As recommended by the American Dental Association a topical fluoride application will be administered to help prevent decay and promote strong teeth. The dentist will then do an exam and will help you access your child’s overall oral hygiene.

Conveniently Located at: 125 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste. 140 Franklin, TN – 615-771-1111


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