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Tsula Adohi Nature School

At Tsula Adohi Nature School our curriculum emerges from the intersection of each child’s unique way of being in the world including their interests, experiences, gifts and needs, with our mission to prepare them to take care of themselves, each other and our planet in a time of world-wide climate, ecological and social change. Children learn science, math, communication arts, social science, and the arts and engage in physical activity as they engage in meaningful activities including short and long-term individual and group projects, and participate in special events.

Our approach to schooling is based on the idea that we all learn by interacting with each other and the rest of the world. This means that “math” and “science” at Tsula Adohi Nature School might be embedded in building a bridge over one of our creeks, or it might mean accompanying a local falconer out in our meadow to experience birds in flight with follow-up discussions about the physics of flight. “Social Studies” might mean having a tribal elder come to the farm to explain indigenous customs and mores.

All of the main subjects will be taught:

  • English / Writing
  • History and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Nature Sciences

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