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Valley View Ranch Equestrian Camp

The Ranch is located a’top Lookout Mountain in Northwest Georgia where Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee come together. We are 45 miles South of Chattanooga, 100 miles Northwest of Atlanta and 120 miles Northeast of Birmingham. Trails wind through the ancient Appalachian forests, crossing streams and passing by stately trees and rock formations amongst the wild turkey and deer. At an altitude of 1,800 feet, we enjoy warm days and cool nights, with plenty of refreshing breezes blowing in off the brow.

The Ranch is a vast private domain. Our 600 acres is a peninsula off Lookout Mountain with Jones Gulf on our West and North perimeters. The Chattanooga Valley is on our East and offers our picturesque “valley view,” looking into the daily sunrise or the full moonrise. The two-mile private drive into the Ranch is remote enough from civilization to offer all the possibilities of real ranch living. Valley View is a year-round working ranch, caring for our herd throughout the year so that your favorite horses can always be here, ready and waiting for you upon your return!

Beginning in 1948, Jack & Olive Jones operated Camp Cloudmont for boys in Mentone, Alabama. Shortly after, in 1954 they bought a beautiful cattle farm in nearby Cloudland, Georgia and named it Valley View Ranch. Their dream was to build an equestrian camp for their four daughters: Nancy, Marsha, Janis, and Angela. The sisters grew up at the camp and went on to help develop the riding programs with their varied interests. In 1970, after college and a lifetime of apprenticeship, Nancy took over and is now the owner and director. Janis’ daughter, Chelsea, is Assistant Director and Office Manager ever since completing her business degree. Her experience started as a papoose on her Mom’s back while Janis was teaching “rodeo” class. Barbara “Bo” Clark coordinates all the riding programs, since 1975. Three generations of horse lovers manage Valley View Ranch!

Only women of high ideals, strength of personality, and integrity of character are chosen as counselors. Almost all of our counselors have come to VVR as campers, and return year after year to carry on the legacy and traditions. One wrangler is assigned as the immediate counselor to a group of 5 girls, with at least 2 counselors in every bunkhouse. Naturally, the counselor who spends time with a group of girls has the opportunity to become well acquainted with them. She gains the friendship, admiration, and confidence of each girl. She is able, by example and advice, to encourage self-confidence and personal growth.

The staff at Valley View Ranch is thoroughly organized, and takes great command of the various divisions of riding and recreational activities that they are in charge of. The Ranch takes considerable pride in the fact that each girl participates in all riding programs that we have to offer, making noticeable improvement in their skill set over the duration of their stay. This is accomplished through special, individual attention for each girl. Campers are divided into cabins according to their age, and riding lessons are assigned and planned according to individual ability. Other recreational interests are planned secondary to the riding programs. The ranch leaders do a splendid job in securing the hearty cooperation of every girl!

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