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April 13, 2024

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Host Families Needed in Murfreesboro for International Students

StudentRoomStay has recently expanded to Murfreesboro and is offering a new paid host opportunity to locals.

StudentRoomStay (SRS), a leading global homestay provider, has recently expanded their homestay services to Murfreesboro and is offering a new paid host opportunity to locals in the area. SRS is representing a group of international students from Panama who will be studying at Middle Tennessee State University. Many of the students have found their temporary American homes, but a few are still in need of host families and SRS is asking for the community’s help.

“Hosting an international student through our CSIET-approved homestay program is a special cultural experience,” said Adam Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of StudentRoomStay. “Not only will you positively impact a student’s life and form a lifelong friendship, you will also discover a whole new culture and learn a lot about yourself.”

Homestay is an arrangement where an American host family welcomes an international student into their home while the student studies abroad in the United States. The student becomes like part of the family as they adjust to a new culture and adopt the American way of life.

“The safety and well-being of our international students is always at the top of our priority list”, said Lee. “We will do everything we can to make sure that all students in this group will be able to experience their adventure abroad with their own safe and welcoming host family in Murfreesboro.”

The students have arrived from Panama —they will be here for about 8 months while they attend Middle Tennessee State University. Hosts will not need to provide transportation if they live close to enough for the student to use public transportation to and from school. This is a paid host opportunity. Hosting an international student can be very rewarding because it provides a way to simultaneously make a difference in the world and earn extra income.

If you are interested in hosting an international student, or know someone in Murfreesboro who would be an amazing host, give the StudentRoomStay team a call at 833-766-6789 or reach out by email to

SRS is offering an extra $50 for those who complete their host application within three days and a $150 referral bonus for anyone who refers a friend that hosts one of these students. Friends or family members who are welcoming, open to new experiences and have an extra room in their home are the perfect candidates for hosting.

To find an official StudentRoomStay host family application, visit To learn more about hosting, visit