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We’re Looking for Mom Reporters (Or Dad)!

We send you and a child somewhere in town; you write about it; we publish it on Nashvilleparent.com.

We’re looking for Mom Reporters! Do you have little ones and do you love getting out of the house? Do you enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts with others? You just might make a great Mom Reporter for Nashville Parent!   

What are Mom Reporters?!

Here’s the scoop: Beginning in January, 2023, we’ll send a handful of moms (or dads) out with their kids to review area attractions, shows, events or experiences.

Here’s the best part: We’ll provide free admission for you and your kids! All you have to do is GO, take a few photos from your phone, then write approximately one half page about your experience and turn it in. Your work will be published online on Nashvilleparent.com in a timely manner. Some pieces may even get into print!

Don’t worry, it’s not essential for you to be a professional writer. Our editors will work with you to smooth over anything you’re not sure about. However, we are looking for Mom Reporters who are opinionated in a fair-minded way to assess an experience for other parents with kids. Who isn’t thirsty for real advice about taking their kids places?  All parents are!

Interested in being a Mom Reporter? Please send a brief paragraph about yourself and your life to Editor Susan Day. Please allow approximately two weeks for a reply!



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Michael Aldrich

Michael Aldrich is Nashville Parent's Managing Editor and a Middle Tennessee arts writer. He and his wife, Alison, are the proud parents of 4-year-old Ezra and baby Norah.