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April 22, 2024

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Maury County Mulefest to Take Place This May

Mule Day is a fun weekend filled with mules!

When the organizers of the annual Mule Day event announced the cancelation of the 2021 event, Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles created a GoFundMe to raise funds for the event. Over $10,000 were raised and Mayor Ogles has announced, via Facebook, that the event will be called Maury County Mulefest 2021 and will take place May 28-29.

As part of the event Trace Adkins will give a free concert on Friday, May 29.

Mule Day has historically been held the first week of April. Ogles states the reason for the push back on the date, “Two reasons: First, is for logistical reasons… it takes months and months to plan a weekend where tens of thousands are going to attend (we are going to pull it off in 70 or so days). Second, Trace wanted to headline the concert on Friday evening AND be in the parade on Saturday afternoon… this was the best weekend.”

In addressing the name change, Ogles stated, “This is in honor of Mule Day, not a replacement, we will have a concert and yes a parade.”

With regards to the GoFundMe created for the new event, Ogles shared, “100% of funds will go to this event with all money being managed by the MuleFest Finance Committee, which local businessman Johnny Langsdon chairs.”

Ogles asked the community to check his social for more information regarding vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and parade details. For the latest updates, visit Mayor Andy Ogles Facebook page here.

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