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April 25, 2024

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MCS Announces Teachers of the Year

Murfreesboro City Schools is proud to announce the 2020-2021 Teachers of the Year. Teachers from each school are nominated for the prestigious education award given by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Twenty-six teachers were chosen by their peers for the honor based on their commitment to teaching excellence both in and outside of the classroom. These teachers were recognized for their outstanding abilities and their willingness to devote their professional lives to enrich the lives of students.

Teachers of the Year are:

Overall Creek – Melissa Horn, Lauren Moore
Cason Lane Academy – Rachel Matthews, Jacqueline Keller
Scales – Kimberly Christopher, Tony Hartman
Mitchell-Neilson School – Lara Clementi, Brice Reed
Black Fox – Becky Smith, Dionne McCullough
John Pittard – Craig Nelius, Carla Calvin
Hobgood – Kelsey Rone, Abbey Thomas
Bradley Academy – Alli Nivison, Taylor Witsaman
Discovery School – Tiara Vance, Meredith Gilliland
Salem – Emily Cone, Natalie Adcock
Reeves-Rogers – Shae Miga, Sandra Daniel
Northfield – Nell Simpson, Sarah Easterly
Erma-Siegel – Rachel Pepper, Mark Hale

Two educators were selected as System-level honorees and will represent MCS at the regional level. The 2020-21 MCS System-level Teacher of the Year recipients are: Mark Hale from Erma-Siegel Elementary and Tiara Vance from Discovery (pictured above).

Mark Hale from Erma-Siegel Elementary


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