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May 25, 2024

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Mini Pumpkin Candles & More

Warm up your table with a hand-crafted centerpiece and a few simple candles.

Don’t fret about your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Make it easy and affordable with these fun ideas.

Pumpkin Candles
You just need some miniature pumpkins and candles for this easy and quick centerpiece. Cut a small hole in the miniature pumpkins, the size of a tealight candle in diameter.

Pumpkin Vase
Use a large carved out pumpkin as a vase for fall foliage, flowers, twigs, etc. Place your bouquet in a small container first then fill with water, and place in the pumpkin.

Fall Basket
Use a beautiful crafted basket to make a display using dried corn, mini pumpkins, small pinecones, and and gourds.

Fill a clear glass vase up to the top with fresh cranberries. Also, fill a glass bowl with cranberries and place several tealight candles in the bowl amid the berries

Pinecone Warmth Centerpiece
Collect some pretty pinecones and display them in a basket after dipping them in pretty colors of fall paint and allowing them to dry. Intertwine fall leaves.

Memory Table Runner
Start a family tradition using a simple fall colored table runner. Have family and friends write a memory or gratitude using a marker or pen. You can embroider all the writing after the Thanksgiving holiday, and next Thanksgiving you will have a beautiful and special addition to your Thanksgiving table.

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