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July 16, 2024

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MTE Halts Disconnections, Erases Late Fees in August

Members are encouraged to utilize the free myMTEMC app to monitor hourly and daily energy usage.

High electric bill? Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) is trying to help alleviate the strain on its members from increased consumption and rising fuel costs from TVA, the cooperativeโ€™s power provider.

โ€œThe weather is beyond everyoneโ€™s control, and TVAโ€™s Fuel Cost Adjustment is out of MTEโ€™s control,โ€ said Chris Jones, MTEโ€™s CEO. โ€œUnfortunately, both will impact member bills coming due in August. We recognize it, and we want to do what we can to help, which is why we are suspending disconnections for non-payment and eliminating all late fees from Aug. 1 until after Labor Day.โ€

Additionally, Jones said MTE will give members the flexibility to spread out payments. Installment plans enable members to pay a portion of their high bill balance and distribute the remaining balance out over up to a six-month period. The member will receive their regular monthly statement with the installment amount added.

โ€œIf there is one thing I would most strongly recommend to members this month, it would be to move to Levelized Billing,โ€ Jones said. โ€œWe make this option available to most members, so just reach out, and weโ€™ll set you up. If you get a high bill in August, you might be surprised how much lower your bill would be on Levelized Billing, and we can do that for you right away.โ€

Levelized Billing gives members the option to pay nearly the same amount on their bill each month, which removes extreme fluctuations caused by unpredictable weather or energy use. Similarly, Fixed Budget Billing takes those unexpected costs out of the equation and lets members pay a set amount each month, regardless of energy consumption. The cooperative also lets members select a bill due date that works best with their budget. Learn more about these options and others at

โ€œMTE is here to answer any questions about your bill, how to save energy or making your home energy efficient,โ€ Jones said. โ€œNever hesitate to pick up the phone and call us or send us a message. As a not-for-profit cooperative, weโ€™re here to be your energy experts and advisors. Our purpose is to make life better for our members.โ€

An important part of MTEโ€™s SharingChange foundation is to help members who need financial assistance. Funding for energy assistance is provided for accounts year-round through several local help agencies. These local agencies handle the application process and administer the funds on behalf of MTE. MTE encourages members to utilize these agenciesโ€™ services during this high bill season. Those interested in learning more about these agencies should visit

Middle Tennessee Electric members are encouraged to visit for energy-saving tips and utilize the free myMTEMC app to monitor hourly and daily energy usage.ย For more information, please visit

10 Energy Saving Tips and Tricks

  1. Check Your Air Conditioning Unit(s)
  2. Replace Your Air Filter
  3. Opt for LED Light Bulbs
  4. Use Your Thermostat Wisely
  5. Use Fans With Your A/C
  6. Close Your Blinds
  7. Get an Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier
  8. Avoid the Oven
  9. Wash Strategically
  10. If You Arenโ€™t Using It, Unplug It



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