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May 17, 2024

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Next Year: Plan Something Big!

Explore the beauty of the United States! Plan now for NEXT summer's family adventure.

Seen enough of the beach? Sure, it’s fabulous and everything, but there comes a time when one starts to think that there’s a lot more to see and know about this great, big world of ours. You think — and rightly so — the kids should see more than the ocean every summer. They should see the Grand Canyon. Or the Grand Tetons!  There’s a whole lot out there that we haven’t seen … but we should!

Get Out and See the World

While THIS summer’s probably a bust for a big road trip, it’s prime time for dreaming up NEXT summer’s escapades. The U.S. national park system boasts a collection of outstanding websites to help you plan. Look ahead to next June or July and do a little fantasizing. A road trip doesn’t have to break your budget; you can plan on camping.
    Our country has some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet. Grab a refreshment and your iPad and explore the following links to 19 gorgeous national parks.
    After all, you really should be more adventurous with the kids!

Acadia (Maine)
Badlands (South Dakota)
Canyon de Chelly (Arizona)
Congaree (South Carolina)
Cuyahoga Valley (Ohio)
Glacier (Montana)
Grand Canyon (Arizona)
Grand Teton (Wyoming)
Great Basin (Nevada)
Great Sand Dunes and Preserve (Colorado)
Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee, naturally)
Isle Royale (Michigan)
North Cascades (Washington)
Olympic (Washington)
Redwood, California (California)
Rocky Mountain (Colorado)
Yellowstone (Wyoming)
Yosemite (California)
Zion (Utah)


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